Moose Hunting

“I saw bulls every day while hunting with Ironbound Lake Outfitters…” Tom Nelson – American Archer

Newfoundland Moose Hunting Season

We begin Moose hunting in early September and hunt until the end of November. To disperse our hunting activities throughout the short season we operate 7 remote hunting lodges and several spike camps and tent camp sites. For this reason, excellent hunting can be assured throughout the entire period. Our Moose hunting trips are 7 days total and allow 6 hunting days since Sunday hunting is not permitted during September. It’s typical to see Moose every day of the hunt (weather depending) and a willing hunter with a little luck should have no problem getting a nice Moose in just a few hunting days.

Newfoundland Moose Hunting Outfitters
Newfoundland Moose Hunting Outfitters

Our Moose and Caribou hunts are fully guided, 2×1 guide, meaning one guide looks after 2 hunters. If you would prefer 1×1 guide for some reason then we are happy to arrange it. In this case a supplement is charged only to cover the additional cost of the guide’s wages. Our reputation has attracted the finest guides and staff, with over 30 years experience.

Our Moose hunting trips are based at one of our remote fly-in lodges and hunting is conducted on foot from there by ‘spotting & walking’ and in the spirit of fair chase. Hunting begins early morning by glassing from one of several high lookouts close to camp. Moose are found in the bands of woods along the bottoms of the hills and surrounding the bogs, and in the tucks and log grass along the edges of streams and brooks. When a bull is spotted that you are interested in, a stalk is conducted from there. We may walk the hills throughout the day for different vantage points.

Depending on your camp, the weather and the movement of the Moose you may have to walk a couple of miles a day, or you may not have to walk far at all. Your guide is there to help you and will adapt to your pace.

Moose are very responsive to calling during the period between mid September and late October when they are thinking about the rut. Bulls are constantly moving at his time and new bulls are constantly coming into the hunting area in search of cows. Of course, the exact timing of the rut is determined by weather and varies from year to year. Some years the rut is strongest early, and other years it is later – there is no way to predict this ahead of time.

Newfoundland Moose Hunting Outfitters

Our Newfoundland Hunting Guides

Your guide is an absolute expert at imitating the bull grunt and the estrous cow call, the goal is to place you and the animal within the closest range. Your shot will be anywhere from 25 – 250 yards but we’ve called them in as close as 6 yards. The emotion of being this close to an animal that is 1000 lbs and 9 feet tall to the top of his antlers really cannot be described and should be experienced by every hunter at least once in his career.

We believe in respect for our quarry, first and foremost. It is for this reason that we never guarantee you will kill a 50” Moose. However, they are here, and we are capable of putting you on the animal if good luck and your stalking ability allow. Remember too, width is not everything, there are some spectacular bulls that are narrower in width, but have big, high pans and look great but might only be 36-40 inches wide. Pan size is important, both length and width. Come here, enjoy the hunt and shoot the good bull when you see him.

Skinning, caping and field dressing of your animal is included in your hunt package Once dressed and de-boned a Moose will yield about 240 lbs of good nutritious game meat. You may take the meat home with you, or you may leave it with us and we will happily donate it to needy families here in the community.

Our Moose hunting trips are limited and we fully expect to be sold out each year due to high numbers of repeat bookings. Hunters are kindly advised to book early, thank you.

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Newfoundland Moose Hunting Outfitters

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