How many years have you been in business?

We have been outfitting since 2009

How experienced are you guides?

It varies, most have more than 15 years. Some of our guides have over 30 years experience and have had active guide licences since they were 17 years old.

What species do you offer?

Moose, Woodland Caribou and Black Bear.

Which sub species of Moose do you have?

There are 3 recognized sub-species of Moose in North America. Alaska/Yukon Moose, Shiras Moose and Canada Moose. Ours are the Canada Moose. This species is found in parts of BC but mainly east of the rockies in Alberta, Sask, Quebec and Ontario as well as New England states like Maine, NH and Vermont.

How large is your hunting area?

About 70 miles in total.

Is it fly-in?

Yes, travel to the hunting area is accomplished by chartered helicopter or float plane. We mostly use helicopters.

Do you own your own aircraft?

Yes. We own a Bell 206 Long Ranger helicopter.

Is there any fishing to be done after I tag out and get my animal early?

Unfortunately the fishing season closes prior to the start of the hunting season. It closes in most of Newfoundland on Sept 7.

Is there a weight restriction for the fly-in?

Yes, it is 70lbs plus your gun or bow.

Are non-hunting guests/observers welcome.

Yes of course.

Are your hunts 2×1 or 1×1?

Our hunts are conducted 2×1 guide meaning 1 guide looks after 2 hunters.

Can I upgrade to a ‘private’ guide if I wish to hunt alone?

Yes, in this case a supplement is charge just to cover the increased cost of the guides wages.

Is there a deposit required to book a hunt?

Yes, 25% is appreciated.

Why choose Ironbound over other outfitters?

We operate in the best areas of Newfoundland with high numbers of Moose and excellent trophy potential. We disperse our hunting activists with multiple camps and spike camps, some of which only get hunted every second or third year. We also use several different air charter companies to ensure our strict hunting schedule is adhered to, using mostly helicopters which are capable of flying in worst weather than float planes meaning you are less likely to lose hunting time due to weather delays. Not to mention, our reputation has attracted the best guides and staff who will do their best to excel at all things within their control.

How many other others are in camp?

We host between 1 and 4 hunters at camp. Several of our camps only host maximum 2 hunters per week, some camps can host 4 hunters.

Are there any additional costs?

No. Not from us. Our cost covers the hunt, tax and licence. Gratuities to the staff are much appreciated but that is between you and the guide. There may be a small fee for the Non-Resident firearms possession licence ($25) at the point of entry into Canada, if you require it. And meat processing and shipping would be your choice if you wish to use these services. Same for taxidermy.

What is the best time to hunt?

Because if our idyllic hunting location and high population of Moose, our whole season from mid-September to mid-October offers excellent hunting. Whatever time best suits your schedule.

When is the ‘rut’ and do you call Moose?

The exact timing of the rut is determined by weather and temperature and can change from year to year. It is usually from Sept 20-Oct 10. However rut behaviour begins much earlier than that as bulls begin locating and following cows, and we’ve called moose in to just a few yards as late as mid- November! All our guides are excellent at imitating the sound of the cow in heat as well as the bull Moose grunt.

Why airport do I fly in to?

Deer Lake (YDF). Air Canada and Westjet with their partners United and Delta have several flights a day into Deer Lake through Canadian gateways in Halifax and Toronto.

What is the average shot distance?

You should be capable of firing an accurate shot at a medium range of 80-150 yards.

What ‘physical’ is the hunt, and do I need to be in excellent shape?

We often see Moose and Caribou from lookouts very close to camp. From there a stalk is planned and hunting on foot can take anywhere from 15-90 minutes of walking over moderate to get within range. Your guide will adapt to your pace. It is a very enjoyable hunt.

What is the terrain like?

The ground can be wet and spongy. Our guides know the best paths to get around.

Do cell phones work in camp?

No, the area is too remote. Occasional you will get a cell signal from some of the high ridges while out hunting. We have sat phones in camp for keeping in touch.

Why are the accommodations like?

Practical, comfortable, and clean although not fancy. We have sturdy, well built hunting cabins equipped with new reliable generators, indoor plumbing with hot and cold running water with hot showers, propane cooking appliances and separate bedrooms or cabins for our guests. They are heated with wood stoves. We also have several spike camps and tent camp sites that we can use.

How do we get the Moose meat/trophy out of the woods?

We will recover it using a helicopter or Argo.

How many coolers are required if I wish to bring the meat home with me?

Usually 4 XL coolers will take a Moose once it’s deboned and processed.

If I get my desired trophy early, do I have the option to leave camp early?

No, the charter flight will bring you out when it brings in the hunting guests for the following week. If you would like to leave early we’re happy to arrange it however you would be required to pay for a separate charter flight.

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