Premium Newfoundland Hunting Adventure A Success Rate of
96.7% – 100% Since 2009!

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We rarely advertise. We just host successful hunting trips in the best areas for the biggest trophies and let our customers do the talking. With idyllic locations, comfortable camps accessible only by air, and up to 12 moose per square mile along with biggest Woodland Caribou and Black Bear found anywhere, we assure you of a hunting trip filled with excitement, adventure and a sense of accomplishment.

We encourage you to do your research, talk to friends, call our references. We’re a successful outfitting business because #1 we operate in the best hunting areas in all of Newfoundland, on the southwest coast, completely remote, where we enjoy exclusive hunting rights for non-residents, and #2 we employ a staff who enjoy what they do, work well in a remote environment, and do their best to excel at all things within their control.


Because of our high Moose population, short season and absence of hunting pressure our success rate been between 96.7% and 100% since 2009. The largest Moose taken in 2017 had a 57” spread and was killed just 300 yards behind camp. On Woodland Caribou we have a running 100% success rate for over 40 years with both gun and bow. The density of Moose and Woodland Caribou in our areas will allow you to see, no doubt, many animals during your hunt, much to your satisfaction.

We’d be delighted to welcome you to camp this fall, and we assure you of a very, very warm welcome here in Newfoundland.

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