Black Bear Hunting

Spring Newfoundland Black Bear Hunt

Spring Season

2020: May 31 – July 12

Fly-In Black Bear Hunt

Travel to camp is accomplished by chartered helicopter or float plane. We need to depart for the hunting area on Sunday morning so hunters should arrive in Newfoundland on a Saturday. The hunt is 7 days in duration and includes 6 hunting days as Sunday hunting is not permitted during this period. The trip is very scenic and the topography of the area is stunning. Allow us to suggest bringing along a non-hunting guest/spouse, in which case a small supplement in charged only to cover the cost of the charter flight.

Newfoundland Black Bear Hunts
Black Bear Outfitters Newfoundland Canada

Our bait sites in this area can be observed from a distance, and when a Bear shows up a stalk is conducted either on foot or by boat. Hunting is normally done from mid-afternoon till dark, however Bears can be spotted at all times of the day in this area, sometimes very close to camp.

The first stage of trophy preparation is handled by the guide and includes skinning, caping and salting of the hide. You may take your hide home with you in a leak proof bag/container after the hunt, as well as any meat you wish to take, however skulls may not be taken.

We suggest a medium to long range rifle .284 (7mm) calibre or larger. .300, .338, and .35 calibre rifles are excellent on Bear. 7mm, .308, and .30-06 calibre should be considered an acceptable minimum. Your rifle should be well sighted in prior to arrival in camp. We host up to 3 hunting guests per week. Non-hunting guests are also welcome.

Road Accessible Hunting Camp

In addition to the fly-in Black Bear hunt we also host a fully guided Bear hunt at our cabin which is accessible by road. Bait sites are reached by ATV, 4WD truck and boat. This hunt allows us to cover much more ground. The hunt can also be complimented with fishing, sightseeing, or touring Newfoundland and we highly suggest bringing along a non-hunting guest/spouse. We’ve had excellent success in this hunting area since 2010.

We have several bait sites with tree stands that are 15-30 yards from the bait, and a couple of ground blinds that are 100-155 yards from the bait site. Bears will be 200-350 lbs, and exceptional trophies are 400+ pounds. The area is adjacent to the famed King George the 4th Wilderness reserve, and Lloyd’s River, so here you never know what could show up at the bait at any time!

Black Bear Hunting Outfitters Newfoundland Canada

Our camp isn’t fancy, however it is clean and comfortable with running water, hot showers, wood heat, generated electricity, and features beautiful views of the Lake. It is a scenic drive about 2 hrs from the ferry terminal in Port aux Basque, and 2 hrs from the airport in Deer Lake if you wish to arrive by air.

The hunt is 5 days in duration and hunters are asked to arrive on a Monday and depart on a Saturday.

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