“I saw bulls everyday while hunting with Ironbound Outfitters and made stalks on most of them, finally tagging a good bull on day four. The food, accommodations, guides and equipment were all top notch. I highly recommend them to any hunter looking to hunt moose.”

Tom Nelson –American Archer (host)


2017: Sept. 8 - Nov. 16    2018: Sept. 7 - Nov. 15   

Our Moose hunting trips are very popular with dedicated trophy hunters seeking a large example, and we welcome both rifle hunters and bow hunters.


We begin each day glassing from a high spot close to camp and spotting Moose early in the morning before they go into the woods to bed down.  After spotted a Moose that a hunter is interested in, we then plan a stalk based on the wind and terrain. Because of our remote location, no hunting pressure, and high population density you won’t usually have to go far to get a Moose, most are taken within a couple miles of camp. Our trips are conducted 2x1 guide although we’d be pleased to arrange 1x1 guide if requested. Our reputation has attracted the finest guides and staff, with up to 30 years experience.


Our camps are accessible only by helicopter or float plane and offer comfortable, practical accommodation with wood heat, generated electricity, running water, and hot showers. All hunting is done on foot from camp in the spirit of fair chase.


Skinning, caping and field dressing of your trophy is included in your hunt package. We transfer your animal from where it’s killed to our game processer who will cut, wrap and chill your meat according to your specifications. Once dressed and de-boned a moose will yield about 240 lbs of good nutritious game meat. You may take the meat home with you, or we’d be happy to arrange shipping of the meat and cape/antlers to your home. Please contact us if you would welcome further info.